Parks and Private Green Spaces

parks for kids costa rica

Private parks available for people of all ages.

Las Villasde San Buenas is one of the only real estate projects in Osa, Costa Rica, that has walking trails and parks built into the masterplan. This was to provide all of our residence the opportunity to easily stroll through the property while enjoying all of the sites and sounds

that we have to offer. In fact, not only do we have TEN PARKS and green spaces available for everyone, we also have FIVE dedicated parks and playgrounds just for children. In addition, we have 18 acres of jungle-hiking, with walking trails cut in, just for our residents. Pura vida!

You never know which type of bird or animal you will see and/or hear while walking through the parks, trails or jungles of Las Villas de San Buenas. Watch and listen to toucans singing in the video below (filmed in Las Villas de San Buenas)