Zipline Tours in Osa, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is home to numerous zipline tours throughout the country. Ziplining through the jungle is a great and beautiful way to see the jungle from a birds-eye view. Zipline Tours in Costa Rica are enjoyed by people ranging in ages from 8 to 75. There are two zipline tour operators within 35 minutes of Las Villas de San Buenas – both of which are amazing. The Osa Mountain Village pick up point is only 5 miles to the south (Osa Mountain Village has a 500 meter – 1,640 feet – long zip!) and Hacienda Baru is 35 minutes to the north (just north of Dominical).

What is wonderful about both locations is the adrenaline of zipping over 50 feet above the jungle and never knowing what kind of animal or bird you may see. Check out the video below where some of our guests ended up real close to a sloth. It is very rare to get that close to a sloth.

Both locations have enjoyable hikes, beautiful ziplines, and butterfly gardens. The zipline operators go through extensive training and certification processes.

Hacienda Baru Zipline Tours

Zipline Tours Hacienda Baru

Safely on a perch 100 feet above the jungle floor.

Hacienda Baru is the original zipline of Osa. It is a private jungle that has been protected and replanted for over 30 years. There are some photos in the good sized gift shop showing what Hacienda Baru looked like in the 1980’s compared to today. They have done great work to reforest the jungle.

There is a butterfly garden at Hacienda Baru which is a great and easy place to take kids to ‘explore’ the jungle. There they will see dozens of colorful butterflies. The butterfly garden is just a few meters from the parking lot providing easy access for kids and adults alike.

Hacienda Bara Sign ZiplineHacienda Baru is easily accessible from the Costanera Highway, just three miles north of Dominical. A sign clearly marks the turn for the entrance to Hacienda Baru. Follow the gravel road for approximately 100 meters to the parking lot. Check-in takes place at the gift shop. No need for four wheel drive traction to get to Hacienda Baru.

Hacienda Baru accepts most major credit cards.

Osa Canopy Tour

To enjoy the zipline at Osa Mountain Village (and it is the longest in all of Costa Rica if not the America’s), first you must go to the zipline office. The office is located just south of the KM 196 marker, west side of the road, in a two-office-strip-mall. From there, you will load up on a military style truck and take the 20 minute drive up to the base camp of the zipline tour. Please note: they do NOT accept credit cards at Osa Mountain Village.

Osa Mountain Village recently added a Superman swing to their offering and also have a butterfly garden.