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One of the most successful tour operators in the Osa region lives on-site here at Las Villas de San Buenas. This advantage allows us to offer on-site tour booking and ensures our residents and visitors enjoy the best Costa Rica tours in the area. All guides are swift water rescue certified and CPR trained.Book Costa Rica Tours activities Osa

Please contact us today if you would like tobook Costa Rica tours. With over a decade of experience in the immediate Osa Peninsula region, we can provide and book you and your group the best tours in the area. The Osa region has everything that Costa Rica has to offer, except the volcanoes. We’re within 30 minutes of two ziplines, offshore fishing, golfing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, whale and dolphin tours, etc.

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Waves & Waterfalls Tour

Waves Waterfalls Tour

Start the tour off by visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Costa Rica. The tour will spend a couple of hours at the beach where you can explore the caves/windows (depending on the tide) and possibly see and hear monkeys, toucans, macaws and other wildlife.

From there we’ll head to a fresh water stream with a great waterfall that amazingly has a large rock stuck between the two sides. If you’re a strong swimmer you can swim under the waterfalls.

After all of the fun and excitement we’ll take you to a locally owned restaurant that serves tilapia. You can either catch your own or have it caught for you (fee does not include the meal which cost ~ $10).

Great for all ages!! Only $69/person

Equipment needed: Sunblock and insect repellent

Jungle River Tubing

Costa Rica tubing floating

Tubing is great for the whole family!

The Jungle River Tubing tour  is a scenic, relaxing way to experience and enjoy everything the Southern zone has to offer. The tour starts with a calm float down the river, which leads into Class 1 rapids and into the Rainforest Rapids. 

Ages: 8+

Groups up to 20 people (minimum 4)

Potential Sites: Birds, monkeys, iguanas

Equipment provided: Life jackets and helmets 

Please bring: Water shoes/sandals, sunblock

Cost/person: $79

White Water Rafting

We are currently using the COTO BRUS RIVER in the OSA PENINSULA. 
Cost/person: $125White water rafting Costa Rica

Caño Island Nature Reserve Tour (and coral reef) = 3-in-1 Tour

This is by far the best designed boating tour in all of Osa, Costa Rica.

Your tour starts out in Costa Rica’s largest mangrove ecosystem (actually the largest in the world) with 7 different types of mangroves (The Red, Pineapple, and few more). It is here we can spot all of the Southern Zone’s natural beauty and exotic animals (3 types of Monkeys , 2 species of Sloth, over 300 exotic birds including scarlet macaws and toucans; not to mention the numerous reptiles like crocodiles, caimans and iguanas. Soon the Caño island coral reefmangrove forest opens up and we find ourselves scanning the Pacific Ocean for whales, dolphins, flying fish and manarays as we travel towards our Cano Island Snorkeling or Diving Adventure.

After just a little under an hour you will find yourself in what feels like a different planet – the world’s most beautiful underwater reef park. The abundant sea life is amazing … 1,000s of Tropical Fish (Clown, Puffers, Angels, Sea Horses,Triggers), Live Coral Reef,(Sea Urchins, Sea Fans, hundreds of colorful Live Corals). After an hour or two on the reef we then embark to Caño Island to walk the beautiful beach and to have an appetizing Costa Rican-style lunch. Then with a full belly, and hopefully some battery life in our cameras, it’s back through the amazing mangroves with more exotic animals.

All guides are CERTIFIED and all Captains are LICENSED. Equipment is COAST GUARD APPROVED.

Mangrove and Caño Island Tour

Monkey, Macaw and Mangrove Tour

Get your cameras ready because you will see all types of wildlife on this wonderful day-trip.  Costa Rica mangrove and cano island tour

This tour embarks from the safety of a dry floating dock in the middle of the mangrove forest. By boat you will begin to explore the Earth’s largest mangrove ecosystem. 

Ages: 8+

Groups up to 20 people (minimum 4)

Potential Sites: Birds, howler monkeys, white faced monkeys, spider monkeys, crocodiles, three-toed sloths, two-toed sloths, snakes and 100’s of types of birds.

Equipment provided: Life jackets 

Please bring: Water shoes/sandals, sunblock, insect repellent 

Cost/person: $

Corcovado National Park Tour 

All day tour in the world’s most BIO-DIVERSE place on the planet, according to national geographic.