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Baxter Bowling Alley in Coronado.

Coronado is only two miles to the north of Las Villas de San Buenas. Coronado has several locally owned restaurants including a pizzaria, a cevichiera (that sells cevche), two small grocery stores and most prominently one of the few bowling alleys in Costa Rica. It also has one of the best carniceria (meat markets) around.

Baxter Bowling Alley is now open (October 1, 2013). It is only open on weekends: Saturday noon-10pm andSunday 11 am – 9pm. Say ‘Hi’ to Kenneth who manages the bowling alley. 2786-5783/2786-5786

North of the main town of Coronado, near the pueblo of Punta Mala, there are several restaurants. There are two tilapia fish farm restaurants where clients can either actively catch their own tilapia or they can have one caught for them, after which, the fish is prepared and served within 20 minutes of being caught.

There is also two restaurants overlooking the Terraba river that flows north into the ocean. Boca Coronado has a full bar and offers great views of the river.