Osa Peninsula

Osa Area Overview

Las Villas de San Buenas is perfectly located in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific region, considered the Osa region of Costa Rica. The beginning point of the Osa Peninsula, is officially any town south of the Rio Baru (Baru River), which is Dominical. There is a bridge going over Baru River that makes the distinction clear. In 2008, the Costanera Highway was officially completed and connected at the Baru Bridge. The completion is celebrated with a monument and flags at the intersection of the Costanera Highway (Highway 34) and the road to San Isidro del General.

The Osa Peninsula is known for its lush landscape, untouched jungles and beautiful beaches. Unlike Guanacaste in the Northern Pacific region where the winds are hard, the air is dry and there are few rainforests, Osa stays lush throughout the year and is abundant with wildlife. According to Earth Times, the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica contain 2.5% of the world’s known plants and animal species, yet comprises only  0.00000085% of the world’s land mass.

Below are some the neighboring towns and villages closest to Las Villas de San Buenas. All of these towns are within 90 minutes of Las Villas de San Buenas and collectively offer every imaginable activity, product or entertainment. The Osa Peninsula is less populated than almost any other region of Costa Rica. The tall condominium towers found in Jaco are nowhere to be seen here. Zoning laws, increased regulation and preservation measures have kept Osa, Costa Rica, looking beautiful.

The Osa Peninsula is truly the place to be in Costa Rica.

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San Isidro del General

Manuel Antonio

Palmar Norte


Rio Claro


Puerto Jimenez

Paso Canoas