We LOVED our Vacation

We LOVED our vacation at your villa!

Toucan Kate Erion

We photographed theses toucans from the front yard during our stay at Casa Lapa.

One of the glorious experiences was waking up to the early morning sounds of the varied birds and the howler monkeys. It was our favorite time of the day.We could always enjoy our morning coffee watching mahogany-billed toucans in a tree on the edge of the lawn. Sometimes we saw Scarlet Macaws. Ornithologists and entomologists both would consider themselves to be in heaven here. We were entertained by the leaf-cutter ants that made an actual path in the grass as they crossed the lawn to munch the leaves of a tree.

We saw termite nests, and chartreuse butterflies. We were awed by walking sticks ten times the size of the ones we see in Minnesota! One night while we were swimming in the pool we were thrilled to see a coati emerge from the shrubbery perhaps to eat some of the impressive insects. Our week there was at the end of the rainy season. Each day there was more sunshine than the day before.

One glorious day we rode docile horses up above the villa for a spectacular close-up view of jungle plants and a distant view of the ocean. We saw house-plants like dieffenbachia and Cordyline growing wild.

We were within driving distance of a Mangrove swamp, a zip line and the Manuel Antonio National Refuge, and just a few minutes from some gorgeous ocean beaches where we saw hilarious crabs that scuttled into their burrows when we approached. The neighbors of the villa were friendly. We bought bananas from

Costa Rica Spheres

We enjoyed visiting a park that had many Costa Rica spheres in nearby Palmar Sur.

them several times, and when we couldn’t find a small portion of eggs at the BM Supermercado we were able to purchase six eggs from a helpful woman who lived on our road. Oscar, one of the villa caretakers, taught us about the Achiote plant and showed us how its seeds make red paint.

Guests who love nature and a quiet place away from raucous party-life will love your villa!

Kate E Minnesota January 23, 2015