Estate Lots

Costa Rica Estate Lots: Private. Relaxing. Beautiful.

Our Costa Rica Estate Lots, Phase I, is outside of the Condominium Lot area of our residential community lots. The advantage of the Estate Lots is that most of the lots are larger than the Residential Community lots, offer more privacy and have a variety of options (ocean and mountain views, size, etc). This area is also the future planned site of the retreat center that is in the early planning stages – Phase II. This area is home to several home rental options also (Casa Lapas and Casa Cusinga).

costa rica real estate lots

1st lot past bridge  789 m2  8,505 ft2  $47,500
 33  4,217 m2  45,374 ft2  $96,991
 32  4,297 m2  46,235 ft2  $98,831
 31  4,690 m2  50,464 ft2  $107,870
 19  4,976 m2  53,541 ft2  $99,520
 20  4,976 m2  53,541 ft2  $99,520
 21  4,933 m2  53,079 ft2  $98,660


estate lots drone lapas

Estate Lots next to Las Villas de San Buenas offer ocean view, river front and mountain view lots.

Ocean view lot san buenas

Sweeping ocean views from Lot N2 in the Estates