The Village of San Buenas June 2009

I’m glad you are visiting our website – I hope in the near future you will visit our Costa Rica real estate project. When we first purchased this land (read about the history here) approximately three years ago, our vision was to offer our clients a beautiful and affordable piece of paradise. Our philosophy is that our clients should be able to rest easy and enjoy what the world has to offer in the world’s most beautiful countries.costa rica sustainable communities

I have traveled throughout the world, including Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and various countries in Europe and Asia, and no other country can offer what Costa Rica has to offer. In terms of beauty, land ownership, affordability and safety, Costa Rica has the world’s greatest blend. [Read more…]

The Olympics of Surf Coming to Costa Rica

By: Costa Rica Pages (Original here)

The Billabong ISA World Surfing Games 2009 will be hosted in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica this August 1-8, 2009. The event, which will bring together the best surfers in the world in an Olympic-style competition, is set to be the biggest surfing championship ever held in Central America. The honor of hosting the 8th ever World Surfing Games is expected to solidify Costa Rica’s reputation as one of the world’s best up and coming surf destinations.

Last year’s competition, which took place in Costa de Caparica, Portugal, saw a turn out of more than 200 competitors from 28 countries. The Costa Rican team shined with their highest ranking ever, coming in 5th place at the event. The number of surfers and skill level is expected to increase for this year’s competition, which was scheduled to correspond with Hermosa’s peak surf season with waves ranging from four to eight feet with perfect barrels. The team to beat is four-time ISA Surfing Games champion, Australia, who racked up Gold medals in the last three consecutive events. [Read more…]

Head to the clouds: Costa Rican cloud forest alive with birds, butterflies and orchids

MONTEVERDE REGION, Costa Rica — The Monteverde Cloud Forest is a treasure trove of botanical wonders. It’s also a major pain to get there.

Five miles of new paving on the Monteverde Road was just finished in December, adding to the seven miles already paved.

But the last 13-mile stretch is still an infamous 1 1/2- to 2-hour trip along a potholed, take-your-life-in-your-hands uphill road better suited for donkeys. Crawling along at barely 5 mph, vehicles weave up the mountainside, stones flying from the tires over the no-rail precipice. [Read more…]

Costa Rica Fishing: Pacific Bite Solid; Tarpon Steady on Caribbean

May is a weather transition month along the Pacific coast as we go from dry season to wet season. Occasional evening showers wash trees and debris out into the ocean and many game fish will congregate around this debris as it collects in the current lines. Find the right current line with the right debris and it can be your lucky day for mahimahi, tuna, sailfish and marlin.

The northern Pacific bite continues to improve with the tuna and mahimahi moving in. The central Pacific bite has been good for sailfish and marlin, while the southern Pacific fishing was red hot for a few days and then slowed to average. The tarpon bite on the Caribbean side has been steady. [Read more…]

Inflation For Last Six Months At All Time Low

The cost of living in Costa Rica increased by only 0.62% between December and May, the lowest increase in inflation in the last 32 years of keeping records.

For consumers that means that spending today is almost as equal to six months ago on the 292 items made up of goods and services in the consumer price index.

If the behavior of prices in the past six months is maintained during the next six months, the country would enjoy an annual inflation of just 1.2%, well below the average growth in prices, around 10%, which had the country has seen in the last 27 years. [Read more…]

Learn to surf in Costa Rica

Rise before the sun and slip into your shorts. Down a cup of steaming hot coffee. Grab a board from the rack and hit the road.

You stroll 200 metres of gravel road to emerge from the jungle into nirvana. By now, the sun is up and you gaze out at a stack of head-high peaks with only one question.

“Which one first?”

Our resident surf god and the morning’s leader, Kimbo, makes the pick — Graveyard — and off we go to paddle out adjacent to the sleepy Playa Guiones graveyard. It’s just us: me (the fitness guy), Paul (the Detroit dentist), Javelin Rob and Coach Mike. [Read more…]

Competition In Internet Service Getting Ready To Begin Operations

By: Inside Costa Rica (Original here)

A total of 44 companies are looking forward to giving the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) competition for internet services.

Of the 44 who have expressed an interest, 27 are waiting on the Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (Sutel) to issue them a permit to begin operations, while the rest are still in the approval process.

It is expected that the 27 companies, or the better part of them, will begin offering internet services by the end of this month or the next. [Read more…]

New management for Juan Santamaría gets final OK

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff (Original here)

The nation’s financial watchdog issued its final approval Thursday for a Houston company to take over management of Juan Santamaría airport.

This means that the new manager will invest up to $180 million to improve the airport.

The new manager will be Houston Airport System Development Corp., which has wide experience in running such operations. The firm will buy out 95 percent of the stock of Alterra Partners, the current manager which has experienced financial problems. [Read more…]

The Village of San Buenas in the news!

The Village of San Buenas Launches New Affordable Costa Rica Real Estate Development

One of the newest Costa Rica real estate developments, The Village of San Buenas, has released their new set of housing lots that make owning real estate in Costa Rica affordable for almost anyone who has ever wanted to own land in paradise.

The location of the development is perfectly placed near all the amenities that one would expect in Costa Rica. It is set back 1 mile from the Costanera Highway, one of the nicest highways in Costa Rica, is next door to the only golf course in the southern zone being built, is 5 minutes from the new (2008) regional medical center, is 10 minutes to two beaches and is 20 minutes from Palmar Sur regional airport. [Read more…]

Surf Games Held In Costa Rica

This year the International Surfing Association (ISA) is hosting the World Surfing Games for the first time in Playa Hermosa in Jacó, Costa Rica. Costa Rica was honored this year to hold these games, beating out Brazil and South Africa.

The world’s best surfers will be attending this competition so tensions will be high once they hit the waters. The convenient location of Jacó will allow surfers, fans, and passing tourists to enjoy the festivities while being comfortably lodged at neighboring hotels. [Read more…]