Playa Tortuga

Playa Tortuga is the nearest beach to Las Villas de San Buenas located near Ojochal. ‘Tortuga’ is the Spanish word for ‘turtle’, and as the name implies, it is a popular location for turtles. In fact, there is a turtle education center on the beach where they protect the nesting turtles and educate the public about the importance and beauty of Costa Rica’s turtles.

playa tortuga ojochal costa rica

Playa Tortuga is accessed by turning west at the Ojochal turn from the Costanera Highway. Simply follow the

oscar brenes ojochal leatherback turtle

Oscar Brenes, of Reserva Playa Tortuga, discovered the first leatherback sea turtle in over a decade at Playa Tortuga in July 2013.

gravel road which terminates into the beach. It is a great beach to visit at low tide and enjoy a nice long walk or run. During high tide there is not much of a beach so it is best to visit during low tide.  Here’s a Tide Chart resource to gauge the tide to help plan your trip. There are no restrooms or services at the beach so plan accordingly. The education center has a bathroom but is available only for guests and volunteers.

We can put you in contact with the Director of the Reserva Playa Tortuga if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation to the education center. This is a critical part of the Osa habitat and any contribution is appreciated. We are lucky to have such a wonderful resource, volunteer opportunity and unique attraction so close to Las Villas de San Buenas.

Below are some photos of a recent field trip that the local elementary school from San Buenaventura had at the beach. During the day they learned about the beach, turtles, their nesting habits and how to protect their habitat. It was a great day of fun!

The first leather back turtle was spotted on the beach in July 2013 in almost a decade. The turtle was tagged and a transponder placed on it so researchers can track its whereabouts at all times. This type of success goes to show the effectiveness of the educational center and the many of volunteers that protect the turtles annually.

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