Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas is one of the most beautiful, secluded, and wonderful beaches in all of Costa Rica. The best news is that is only 15 minutes from Las Villas de San Buenas. It is one of the most popular destinations for our guests due to its proximity and tranquility. Simply bring a towel, a snack and enjoy your time at the beach. A great place to live “Pura vida!”

Playa Ventanas costa rica panoramic

Playa Ventanas has gentle waves and no strong riptides like the best surfer’s beach nearby (Playa Dominical – north about 20 minutes). Additionally, it has a slow, gradual slope to it making for a playa ventanas palms great swim beach. The beach is perfect for families, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), exercising on the beach and swimming. On any typical visit  you will more than likely only find a handful of other people there at the same time.

Origin of the Name

Playa Ventanas gets its name from the two ‘windows’ that have been naturally carved into the mountains at the beach. During low-tide it is possible to walk through the mountain via one of the two windows.  The word ‘ventana’ is Spanish for window. Hence, the name.

Wildlife Nearby

We have photographed two types of monkeys, numerous birds, toucans and macaws, at the beach. At the southern end of the beach, during low tide, visitors can walk into an area with more trees that is home to monkeys. The monkeys are not always seen but it is worth taking a look if you have time.

Visiting Playa Ventanas

There are several signs on the Costanera Highway indicating the location of Playa Ventanas, with the turnoff (turn west) located at the KM 176 marker. There is parking available for $2/person at the only house located within walking distance of the beach. Please note that there are no bathrooms or services.

All photos (c) Nick Halverson. Please do not use without permission.

Playa Ventanas jungle costa rica Kids playa ventanas costa rica

Ventana window playa ventanas

One of the ‘ventanas’ or windows at Playa Ventanas

Playa Ventanas cave ocean

Playa Ventanas Costa Rica