Golfo Dulce

Located in the Gulfo Dulce, the coastal town of Golfito is home to one the largest marina’s in Costa Rica. There are numerous waterfront restaurants and hotels available to enjoy. There is currently a significant amount of investment taking place in Golfito as the waterfront begins to be redeveloped and the old, 50 year old buildings are slowly being replaced with more modern designs and architecture.

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Driving to Golfito is an easy, 60 minute drive from Las Villas de San Buenas. Simply follow the Pan-American Highway (Highway 2), until the city of Rio Claro, and then turn west on Highway 14. Highway 14 terminates in Golfito. The entire trip is on great, well paved roads.

Tax Free Shopping

Golfito offers tax free shopping for anyone with a passport. Every six months individuals are allowed to purchase $1,000, and married couples are allowed to purchase $2,500, of tax free purchases. Called the “Deposito” by Costa Ricans, the retailers in the tax free zone offer electronics like radios and stereos, televisions, all types of appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, stoves and refrigerators, air conditioners, alcohol, tools, linens and bedding all at tax free pricing. There is no other place that offers better pricing in the region, and only a couple other tax-free locations like Golfito in the entire country.

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Getting to Golfito is easy and only about an hour away.

If you choose to purchase tax free items in Golfito, please remember you must pick up your tax free credit voucher one day, spend the night either in Golfito or back in San Buenaventura, and then pick up and pay for your items the second day. This was a clause put in place to increase the economic well being of the community.

If you would like us to facilitate and/or purchase the items for you please contact us. For a fee we can do this for you.

Golfito Regional Airport

Golfito has a regional airport with daily flights to/from San Jose and Quepos.