Palmar Norte

Palmar Sur

Palmar Norte and Palmar Sur are 15 minutes south of Las Villas de San Buenas and is the nearest town of over 5,000 people to Las Villas de San Buenas. It is one of the larger towns in all of Osa and has plenty of shopping options and has a regional airport that has daily, non-stop flights to/from Quepos and San Jose.

Palmar Norte Costa Rica

Palmar Norte has:

  • Two 24 hour gas stations
  • 3 Supermarkets (big grocery stores). The newest one, BM, opened in June 2013. There is also a Pali and a MegaSuper
  • Shoe stores
  • Hardware stores
  • Pet stores and veterinarians
  • Pharmacies
  • Appliance stores
  • Numerous Restaurants with a variety of food types and offerings.
  • Computer store (sales, repairs and supplies)

Palmar Norte is the intersection point of the Panamerican/Interamerican Highway (Highway 2 in Costa Rica) and the Costanera Highway (Highway 34). The Rio Terraba splits Palmar Norte and Palmar Sur. There is also a the nearest fire department is located (bomberos). This fire station is nearest one in all of Osa from Dominical south. We are fortunate in Las Villas de San Buenas to have one so close.

If you are heading anywhere in the Osa Peninsula, or even to San Vito, you will drive through Palmar Norte.

Grocery store BM costa rica

New 15,000 sq ft grocery store is 10 minutes away

History of Palmar Norte

Palmar Norte has a long history as an important town in Osa. The United Fruit Company was instrumental in the development of the town and until the late 1970’s the city was essentially a “company town” where most residents either worked directly for United Fruit or offered supporting services and products to the employees of United Fruit. Here’s a video of a former United Fruit employee who worked (and still lives) near the operations.

Palmar Norte continues to have a large agricultural influence and it is not unusually to see a rancher or two stroll into town on their horse.

More photos (c) Nick Halverson