San Isidro del General

Perez Zeledon

Although not technically in Osa, San Isidro del General (simply known as San Isidro) is the nearest town with over 50,000 people to Las Villas de San Buenas. San Isidro del General is a municipal center for the neighboring province of San Jose, in the canton of Perez Zeledon. The total population of San Isidro is approximately 200,000 people, with 125,000 living within 40 minutes of the downtown city center.

San Isidro del General headerSan Isidro has every type of shop North American’s are used to seeing back home. From electronics, to clothes and cars (Toyota, Kia, etc.). It also is the location of the nearest movie theater, which is located in a newly constructed mall.

San Isidro boasts a large agricultural history and several multinational growers have operations here (Del Monte and Dole are the two largest). There is also a coffee cooperative that processes most of the regional coffee beans.

San Isidro has their own professional soccer team, professional basketball team, the entrance to Chirripo National

Kafe de la Casa san isidro coffee shop

The staff at Kafe de la Casa. Our favorite coffee shop in Costa Rica

Park (the highest point in Costa Rica with an elevation of over 13,000 ft) and dozens of restaurants, shops, fast food restaurants and a movie theater. It is usually quite easy to purchase a ticket to both the soccer matches and basketball games the same day of the event. The most difficult ticket to acquire is when San Isidro’s soccer team plays against team Saprissa from San Jose. Saprissa is the team that the entire country loves to hate as they have won more championships than any other team in Costa Rica’s professional leagues.

For history buffs, San Isidro is home to the only Costa Rica Civil War memorial in the country.

San Isidro del General Cathedral

San Isidro del General’s most prominent building is the town’s large Cathedral located right in the center of town. This Church square was influenced by the Spanish heritage of Costa Rica of placing the church in the center of town and even today, it is the tallest building in San Isidro. The City Square right in front of the cathedral is a popular resting place for many locals. It is a beautiful and safe park.

San Isidro del General cathedral

San Isidro del General Cathedral is a beautiful and safe meeting location for people of all ages.

More photos of San Isidro del General by Nick Halverson