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NBC Premieres Reality Show Live From Costa Rica

The stars of “I’m A Celebrity… get me out of here” began their month long adventure in the jungles of Costa Rica, with live and taped episodes airing on NBC’s summer premiere last night.

Last night, NBC aired a 2 hour show and will continue with one hour segments four times a week – Monday to Thursday – for the entire month of June.

The weirdest aspect of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is that the worst thing about the show isn’t the celebrities, it’s everything surrounding them: the hosts, the competitions, the lack of imagination, write Entertainment Weekly (EW).

EW continues, “the celebs, they’ve got imagination to burn. Spencer Pratt was his usual repulsive self, but it was pretty clever of him to call NBC entertainment president Ben Silverman to complain about the living conditions he was enduring in Costa Rica. Sanjaya is so imaginative, he was content to stare at a fire and marvel at “the whole concept of how it works.”

Stephen Baldwin had the verbal dexterity to refer to a bit of tripe he ate as emitting “a little fart of disgustingness.” And Heidi Montag — ‘scuse me, Mrs. Heidi Pratt, as she prefers to be known now — had the imagination to apologize for her husband’s egomaniacal, pathetically lame reality-show ranting by saying, “My husband is a very new Christian,” and
therefore deserves to be forgiven.

There’s been little doubt that Illinois’ former first lady, Patti Blagojevich, is standing by her man, but as she sat around the campfire with fellow “celebrities” in Costa Rica, she laid it out in no uncertain terms.

“My husband was governor for six years and, you know, was always about doing the right thing for people,” she told fellow campers.

The concept of the show is a competition to see who can last the Costa Rican jungles the longest. No one was eliminated in Monday night’s episode, but Tuesday’s show will see someone headed out of the jungle.

The celebrities will be donating their winnings to their favourite charities, the longer they stay in the jungle, the bigger the prize.

But, don’t worry, they are not doing it for nothing. The stars of on “I’m A Celebrity… get me out of here” are being paid very well for their time in the jungle and although on camera they are roughing it up, you can be assured that they are enjoying the comforts of the local Sararipiqui hospitality.

In the words of Patti before coming to Costa Rica, she is doing it for the money and her family, which according to her impromptu remarks, is hurting right now.

By: Inside Costa Rica (Original here)

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