Costa Rica Fractional Ownership

Costa Rica Fractional Ownership

Do you wish you could own in Costa Rica right now, but don’t have the available funds to purchase a home or haven’t yet reached a point in your career to take six months off to enjoy your place in paradise? Fractional Ownership may be right for you. Fractional Ownership in Las Villas de San Buenas, as the name implies, allows you to own a fraction of an already built home in Costa Rica. It is a cost effective, hassle-free way to own Costa Rica’s real estate. Never worry about repairs, leaky pipes or replacing the coffee maker – it is all done for you!

Costa rica fractional front

All fractional owners in Las Villas de San Buenas, will enjoy all of the benefits, access and services that our full-time owners have access to.

STARTING AT ONLY $5,000/week (two week min)

Each fractional owner will enjoy the following:

  • Two full weeks of use of the home for life. One fixed week from December through May, and a second floating week from June to November
  • Access to 18 acres of private jungle located on the property grounds
  • Use of any of the six green spaces/parks scattered throughout the property
  • Next door to San Buenas Golf Resort (extra fees apply for golf access)
  • Safety and security in a gated community

Right now we are offering TWO WEEKS OF OWNERSHIP for only $10,000.

The Difference Between Fractional Ownership and Timeshare

Do not confuse the two, because the first is a tangible asset, whereas with a timeshare you are buying a period of time, say one or two weeks a year, when you can use an apartment or condominium, which you never actually own any part of.  Fractional Ownership is as it says – you are buying a percentage of the property itself.  This can be in the form of a share of the deeded ownership and all that includes, or it can be a property which is controlled in trust by a specialist company.  Best of all though, you have something solid to sell on or to leave for a loved one in your will.  . Source:

This is a great way to own in Costa Rica, start new family traditions and enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful places for a very affordable price. If you’ve ever wanted a Costa Rica fractional ownership as a first step towards how often you may use your home, now is the time to buy.

costa rica fractional ownership timeshare

costa rica fractional ownership timeshare