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Learn to surf in Costa Rica

Rise before the sun and slip into your shorts. Down a cup of steaming hot coffee. Grab a board from the rack and hit the road.

You stroll 200 metres of gravel road to emerge from the jungle into nirvana. By now, the sun is up and you gaze out at a stack of head-high peaks with only one question.

“Which one first?”

Our resident surf god and the morning’s leader, Kimbo, makes the pick — Graveyard — and off we go to paddle out adjacent to the sleepy Playa Guiones graveyard. It’s just us: me (the fitness guy), Paul (the Detroit dentist), Javelin Rob and Coach Mike.

For the next 2-1/2 hours, we are like kids in a candy store: picking off waves, paddling our hearts out and squealing like schoolgirls (oh wait, that was just me). If there is heaven on Earth, this is its postal code.

What is it?

The Safari Surf School is located in Nosara, on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast. The school specializes in weeklong, all-inclusive surf packages, essentially epic holiday adventures. If your ideal vacation is one where you are physically active, mentally attuned, entertained and worn out at the end of a day, the Safari Surf School is for you.

Surfing is a skill that thrills. Whether you are surfing for the first time or wanting to take your board stories to the next level, you will be affected. Walking into the Hotel Casa Tucan on the first night is like stumbling into a long-lost family reunion. Before you are even aware of it, you are part of the team, trading stories and aching to get out for your first morning paddle.

Who would this appeal to?

Two surf lessons a day at a spectacular beach buffered by a little mid-day yoga and massage. A chance to relax, appreciate a different way of living and establish a healthy, fun and dynamic lifestyle skill that will colour the rest of your life’s vacations. What’s not to like?

Who would hate it?

If you are bothered by miles of sandy beaches, lush jungles, sunny weather and meeting interesting people, you might not like Nosara. Additionally, if you find adventures that include kayak tours, waterfall hikes, the longest zipline on Earth, horseback riding and deep-sea fishing irksome, you will absolutely hate this place.

Kimbo, Pio, Rolo and Tyler Marsh (funny as anything and a rock star surfer) are the well-oiled, certified and professional teaching team. With a student-teacher ratio of three to one, these guys make hanging out in the ocean safe and fun.

What do you need?

Great food, age-appropriate beverages, transportation and accommodations are part of the experience. Pack minimal clothing and personal items, your passport and medical insurance and you are good to go.

By Pete Estabrooks, Canwest News Service (Original here)

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