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Costa Rica Surfing at Playa Dominical Costa Rica

Costa Rica Surfing Photograph

This beautiful sunset photo was taken at Playa Dominical, Osa, Costa Rica. Pura vida!

Playa Dominical photos and info

Playa Dominical is only 35 minutes north of Las Villas de San Buenas. For information about Costa Rica surfing and/or surf lessons in Costa Rica be sure to contact us.

Costa Rica surfer dominical

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Learn to surf in Costa Rica

Rise before the sun and slip into your shorts. Down a cup of steaming hot coffee. Grab a board from the rack and hit the road.

You stroll 200 metres of gravel road to emerge from the jungle into nirvana. By now, the sun is up and you gaze out at a stack of head-high peaks with only one question.

“Which one first?”

Our resident surf god and the morning’s leader, Kimbo, makes the pick — Graveyard — and off we go to paddle out adjacent to the sleepy Playa Guiones graveyard. It’s just us: me (the fitness guy), Paul (the Detroit dentist), Javelin Rob and Coach Mike.

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