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Satellite Tracking of Fishing Boats…Coming Soon
By Adam Williams
Tico Times Staff | [email protected]
The Costa Rican Fisheries Institute (Incopesca) announced Wednesday it aims to see a tracking device that can be monitored by satellite installed in all commercial fishing boats operating in Costa Rican within the next three weeks. Incopesca says the devices will assure the safety of boats and their crews.

During the upcoming weeks, the tracking devices will be distributed from Incopesca’s central offices in San José. Currently, Incopesca estimates that 6,600 fishing boats are operating in Costa Rican waters.

According to Antonio Porras, technical general director of Incopesca, the installation of the tracking devices does not indicate that national waters are threatened, but rather is an attempt to increase the security of national and international fisherman.

The initiative is an outcome of last week’s Global Registry of Fishing Boats Workshop held in the central Pacific port city of Puntarenas. Costa Rica will be the third Central American nation to install tracking devices on national ships. Honduran and Panamanian ships are also equipped with such devices.

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