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The Village of San Buenas June 2009

I’m glad you are visiting our website – I hope in the near future you will visit our Costa Rica real estate project. When we first purchased this land (read about the history here) approximately three years ago, our vision was to offer our clients a beautiful and affordable piece of paradise. Our philosophy is that our clients should be able to rest easy and enjoy what the world has to offer in the world’s most beautiful countries.costa rica sustainable communities

I have traveled throughout the world, including Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and various countries in Europe and Asia, and no other country can offer what Costa Rica has to offer. In terms of beauty, land ownership, affordability and safety, Costa Rica has the world’s greatest blend.

We kept all of these benefits in mind when designing our project. Within twenty minutes of the development, there is the beach, the mountains, great healthcare, supplies, pharmacies and an airport. Take a look at the Photos here. You can also view our Costa Rica villas for rent.

We have also made it easy to own by working with Latinamerica Title Co. we will finance the purchase for you. This not only provides you an affordable and easy way to own in one of the premier Costa Rica sustainable communities in the south, but it also provides you with title insurance on your lot. You can even use your credit card to purchase your lot.

Within the development we have planned a commercial area to be built that will eventually be an easy place to purchase some necessities, have a cup of coffee and relax with friends. In addition to the 30 acre protected green zone, we have added numerous green zones throughout the development to provide our clients with ample space outside of their lots to walk, to picnic or to simply enjoy the outdoors.

For those who want to go exploring in the region, we can help you schedule your horseback riding tours, zipline tours (there is one a short drive away), deep sea fishing, birding, spa treatments, massage, etc. Our owners are a short drive away (~1 hour) from Corcovado National Park, which National Geographic has called one of the most bio-diverse places in the planet. It is estimated that 2% of the world’s known species are found in the National Park.

I want you to know that I am not only an owner of the project, but I also own a lot within the development. Take a look at the masterplan – I own lot #62. Therefore, I’m not only an owner of the land, but I’m also your neighbor. Additionally, my parents have built the first house within the development. Take a look here for a photo – the house is located on Lot #9.

What this means to you is that my family and friends and I are committed to this Costa Rica intentional community.

Should you decide to purchase a piece of Costa Rican real estate within The Village of San Buenas you will be joining a great group of people. We have clients from the United Kingdom, Canada, France and the United States. This group of clients has various backgrounds from a senior level executive in multi-billion dollar company to a retired farmer from the Midwest United States and a recent college graduate.

We currently do not mandate a build time and so you can buy your lot now and build on it later. Within the next twelve months, there will be several other houses being built. We handle the rental and property management of your property for you so you can rest easy and assured that it is being taken care of. We also offer our owners the service of keeping your lot clean throughout the year for a small fee.

If you are in the market for a piece of paradise in Costa Rica, I would encourage you to visit Las Villas De San Buenas.

I look forward to meeting you.


Nick Halverson
Owner/developer Las Villas De San Buenas

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